Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced Country Swing Dance Instruction

In the Beginner/Intermediate instruction, first Steven covers the basics step-by-step. Even if you have never danced before, Steven's simple and clear instruction will have you country swinging with confidence in no time. He also adds helpful tips to make your country dancing much smoother and more enjoyable. Steven then carries over the instruction to more intermediate moves and dips that build on the basics. The Beginner/Intermediate instruction concludes with instruction on several flashy moves that really get your adrenaline pumping. 21 Country Swing Moves are featured in the Beginner/Intermediate instruction.

In the Advanced instruction, Steven continues to build on the moves from the first instruction as well as teaching many more new and exciting country swing moves and dips. Steven adds many new moves that he has designed for country swing to your dance repertoire such as "The Wishbone", "The Dirty Move", and the "Reverse Suicide". A must have instruction for any true country swing fan. 20 Country Swing Moves are featured in the Advanced instruction.

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